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Make a Business Case for Captioning Video Posting


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Many brands and publishing organizations have benefited from integrating video accessibility into their video process. Accessible video has the power to turn a simple video into an inclusive and engaging experience, which can attract more viewers and potential customers. Although closed captioning is a valuable tool that yields many results, some publishers still wonder if accessible video is worth the investment. We will explore the business case for making all posting videos accessible and the main costs associated with inaccessible videos. By the end of this article, publishers will understand and feel more confident that accessibility provides a positive ROI.10 crucial questions to ask a closed captioning provider ️The rise of video publishing online video conceptive posting comes in many different forms. From presentations and interviews to food and drink recipes, the variety of content is endless. Why the video? Because it's an easy,

digestible way for editors to share information and connect with viewers.Video is on the rise. About 78% of people watch videos online every week, and it only seems to increase from there. By 2020, 84% of the world's internet Croatia Phone Numbers List traffic will be video. With so many videos produced and consumed, how do publishers stand out from the crowd? Video accessibility, what! The opportunity Improved viewer experience IN a study conducted by IBM and Morning Consult, they found that almost 70% of people surveyed used captions when streaming videos. Viewers don't just want captions, they wait for them. For educational or informational content, which is a big part of posting videos, the expectation to find captions was greater.graph of the types of content that viewers expect to see in captions.

Tips & Advice is highest at 55%, followed by Food & News content Source: Verizon Media and Publicis Media Relationship of Video, Sound and Captions Insight Study, April 2019 Closed captions can transform your viewer's experience by making videos accessible in sound-sensitive environments like a quiet office or on a noisy train. Many audiences watch videos without sound, especially when headphones are not available. Verizon and Publicis Media found that 69% of viewers watch videos without sound in public settings and 25% watch videos without sound in private settings.

Viewers who prefer a quiet viewing experience expect closed captions .37% of viewers say captions encourage them to turn on sound because it made them more interested in video 80% of viewers say they are more likely to watch an entire video with captions Without captions and sound, your videos cannot be viewed. Viewers who prefer to watch videos without sound or who may have forgotten their headphones will thank you since 41% of videos are incomprehensible without sound. Closed captions also ensure that auditory information is clear, regardless of poor sound, loud accents, and complex language and information. Strengthen the brand Thousands of hours of video are uploaded to the web in a day. With so many videos watched,

how does your video stand out from the rest? Many brands struggle to attract viewers to watch their videos, let alone keep them. However, companies who have captioned their videos have seen a huge improvement. "Closed captioning is important in the publishing space because it dramatically broadens your audience. " Dan Fauxsmith, O'Reilly Media A study from the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science even found that captions improve brand recall, verbal memory, and behavioral intention. Captions really help your brand stand out! Captions are a definitive way to take your brand to the next level and have a lasting impact on your audience. Boost Edoid you know that captioned videos have a direct impact on SEO? It's true! Search engines cannot watch a video; they can only read text. Therefore, with captions, search bots are able to crawl a transcript for relevant keywords. Captioned videos drive more search engine traffic, rank higher on search engine results pages, and rank for more diverse keywords. According to Facebook, videos with captions generate 135% more organic search traffic.